eCommerce website design company New York

eCommerce website design company New York. we focused on SEO, website speed optimization, leads, sales growth, and engagement.

eCommerce website design company New York

eCommerce website design-company in new york

Kenvic Training Inc. is career-focused education in the growing sectors of professional training services. We specifically works to support new immigrants to enhance their career opportunities by providing certification exam preparation programs.

December, 2017


Owner wants the new website allow user to buy virtual products (Courses) and books online, and need design icons for all courses. The site has be faster, better and stronger than their competitors.

Brand Design

Top718 Print Design

Print Design

Top718 Responsive Design

Responsive Design

UX Design

Digital Strategy



We spoke to owner and his partners to flesh out each of their individual needs. We analyzed the needs of target audience, staying focused on,

  • adult educations as target in New York City
  • Digital strategy should line up with those audiences
  • Must work on all devices
  • UX stage, using good formatting to get good SEO value
  • Increase conversion by integrating online directory listing

We make sure everybody agree with these key points before going the planning stage.



User Survey

User surveys are a means of finding out how our design is likely to be used by a specific set of users, and who these users are likely to be. The answers user surveys provide must be relevant to the issues that are important to us.

User – Clients – Us

Customer-focused was one of the biggest concerns for branding design. Clients are happy if their users are happy. If the users like it but clients don’t, then we’re doing something right. We got it done by survey targeted customers and ask their comments.

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